Abstract Art Modern day Painting Procedures By Peter Dranitsin

Louie Mills/ March 29, 2017/ Art Store/ 0 comments

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This lovely satellite image of the Aral Sea belies the destruction it reveals: Once the world’s fourth-biggest inland body of water, it has lost practically 90% of its water volume in the last 50 years. Abstract art also be known as non-figurative art, nonobjective art, or nonrepresentational art, as it is depends on the painters imagination or thoughts. Abstract art makes use of a visual language of kind, colour and line to produce a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the planet. Black is used to make artwork have certain objects stand out, or made use of to make the mood darker. His art was to have the viewer to concentrate on the colors interactions and the feelings that comes to the viewer.

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