AFRICAN DIGITAL ART Pushing Digital Boundaries

Louie Mills/ December 22, 2016/ What Is Art/ 0 comments

Apply your artistic abilities to communicate more proficiently in today’s digital globe. I employed to be biased against digital art for the reason that at that time it seemed to harsh to me, but considering that the applications have gotten so a lot far more refined and able to make the textures that conventional media have I have become a wonderful admirer of the art form and am studying it at the moment to expand my own art.

This type of thing is a confusing challenge for me simply because I believe strongly that digital is just as highly effective as traditional media, it’s just that – a further media truly. Not because we did not get a extended (mainly due to various generations, and searching back, I can see why), but mainly because I chose to bring a crappy back-in-the-day Wacom tablet to class, when every other student was employing pencils or charcoal-painting plants and fruits, no significantly less. Oh I know, wave of the future, get on board with digital, and so forth… Effectively I confident do really like taking a digital shower and consuming digital food.

I’v sort of knowledge this myself to some extent I am currently in the final year of performing my A-levels and I do both art and solution design and the opinions on digital perform in the two vary to a ridiculous quantity. Art is art, it will generally be a universal expression of creativity, imagination and story telling, no matter if through music, painting, sculpting, or writing.

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