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Louie Mills/ October 6, 2016/ Art Gallery/ 0 comments

Art history as we know it in the 21st century began in the 19th century but has precedents that date to the ancient planet. So that was the wonderful crocodile puppet project developed by this remarkable young art teacher. From there, I rooted through my mountains of visuals: old calendars, postcards, posters – even cutting up the art history books I’d hoarded given that college, to locate just the correct images. Following building a winter mural with the youngsters soon after break (that you can see right here: – ) and only having a quick time to display it prior to it became passe, I started early on this right here spring/summer mural.

We put the wall in action when we are mastering about an artist or a specific movement in art. With the exception of a random piece of art falling off the wall, it’s held up effectively via the years and, additional importantly, it really is proved to be a useful educational tool in the art room. I really like this series of books and come across that all of my students, kindergarten through fourth, appreciate them also. With my art movements and visuals sorted, I began the writing of the Art History Wall.

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