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Louie Mills/ October 22, 2017/ Visual Arts/ 0 comments

Abstract art became an vital medium of artistic expression in Western culture beginning in the late 19th century. A feat not very easily accomplished as some abstract art will be lost to these hesitant to appear further that what they plainly see – as a connection with abstract art is a pretty private 1. A painting displaying a woman holding a kid is expanded on by getting shifted and reassembled in the most abstract way achievable, with the use or colour, shapes and lines.

The Surrealist movement is nevertheless these days a legacy in and of itself and a terrific contribution to abstract art. Mark Rothko – Orange, Red, Yellow” Rothko’s painting is perhaps most representative of what an ordinary particular person thinks of when it comes to abstract art. Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky is the most complicated of a series of ten paintings created by the artist in the 1930s. Larger pieces of canvas art quickly would center on the artist’s intensely emotional approach to art. In the latter half of the 20th century, Abstract Expressionism would surface amongst a swiftly altering art world.

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