How to Use Custom Stickers in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Liliána Müllner/ November 7, 2018/ Art Posters/ 0 comments

Growing any type of business from the ground up requires more than the ability to create and sell a high-quality product or service. Using custom stickers is one way to stand out from your competition while spreading the word of your brand and the products or services you offer. Custom sticker making is a unique marketing tactic that promotes viral and guerilla promotion, ideal for local or online start-up companies.

Give Them Away

Custom stickers are affordable and provide you with the ability to give them away for free without extensive marketing budgets. Offer free branded stickers with each online purchase or give stickers away to customers shopping in your local store. Stickers are versatile and can be placed on backpacks, phones, and other gadgets that are carried and displayed daily. The more unique, colorful, and attractive your custom stickers are, the easier it becomes to motivate your loyal supports and customers to utilize them.

Networking Events

Attend networking events and share them with others who are in similar businesses or those who represent local companies in your area. Connect with entrepreneurs who are interested in working together or cross-promotion. In addition to handing over your traditional business card, provide a custom sticker that stands out from the rest.

Create a Street Team

Street teams are great for gaining promotion and building your brand’s reputation, especially when you represent a small niche or a unique line of products. Creating an online street team is a way to gain free promotion from individuals who are genuinely interested in spreading the word of your business and brand. Offer free stickers along with additional merchandise for those who are interested in sharing the word of your brand to gain exposure without overextending your marketing budget online or with local campaigns.

Knowing how to maximize your online and offline reach requires a bit of creativity and an understanding of marketing strategies. Using custom stickers to represent your brand provides you with the ability to appeal to both online and offline consumers. With the right marketing tools, boost your sales and brand recognition in less time.

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