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What is more normal than to wonder about the instrument that will best suit us when we want to start learning music? If for some this is obvious, it is not necessarily the case for everyone. One of the most common choices is to want to become a guitarist. This allows accompanying the song and the guitar, as it is often called. She also has her versatility and lends itself perfectly to play all styles, from classic to pop, with a multitude of possible chords.

But have you ever considered taking bass lessons? This is a question that much passionate rock, soul or other muscular musical styles like metal or punk pose, because it often occupies an important place by laying the rhythmic bases of the pieces. So, bass lessons or guitar lessons? Here are some elements to help you to see more clearly about these instruments and to choose your guitar to begin. Meet the perfection now with the

What is the difference between a bass and a guitar?

We can say that the guitarists will play melodies while the bass takes care of the rhythmic aspect. It is, in duet with the battery, the base of a piece and gives the cadence.

From a construction point of view, it looks like an electric guitar with a longer neck and fewer possibilities of notes with 4 strings instead of 6. Some musician’s claim that it is easier, which makes hair stand up on many others. The important thing is to choose according to his deep desire. In any case, it will be necessary for the beginner to work seriously and with regularity.

Good reasons to choose the bass

There are still people who do not hesitate to try a more original adventure and are very enthusiastic about their choice of home schooling to become a bassist. It should be known that it was created inspired by the bass; it will please many people who like the bass sounds.

  • Another parameter that sometimes weighs in the balance, bassists being significantly less numerous than guitarists, it is easier to find a band if you plan to eventually do concerts, even amateur.
  • Contrary to what is imagined by those who do not know it well, it offers a great variety of techniques that one uses according to the desired style. Among the best known is the slap which consists of hitting the bass with the thumb and pulling the treble with the other fingers, the picking where you pull and pinch at the same time and the tapping for a sound hit from the end of the fingers.

Still wondering which guitar to choose?

Know that for a long time the bassists had to be confined to provide the spine of the piece. But great musicians have changed mentalities and it is not uncommon for modern groups to see the bass player out of its purely rhythmic role.

Finally, for the chosen method, you will easily find a video on the internet, but remember that only lessons with a particular teacher will make you progress at a good pace.

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