The Nature Of Abstract Art Criticism And Dismissals

Louie Mills/ November 17, 2017/ Paintings/ 0 comments

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Abstract paintings can stir our feelings, creatively inspire us, and add a higher level of depth to an entire area merely by means of the artist’s use of colour, shape, and texture.  Pattern, geometry, simplification of form, colour, line, symbolism – all have been elements of art forever.” (Berger, Emily) I was in a position to speak to this artist via e-mail. Abstract art emphasized on developing the art and not the finished artwork itself. One principal point to understanding and recognizing what abstract art is are the colors that are used in the artwork. Some persons look at the artwork and see emotions into it. They really feel what the painting was painted for, while other folks have totally diverse feelings on the artwork. One more words… if I am angry..lines are certainly abrupt & my art becomes busy…calm…colors are light.

Abstract art also be known as non-figurative art, nonobjective art, or nonrepresentational art, as it is depends on the painters imagination or thoughts. Abstract art utilizes a visual language of kind, colour and line to produce a composition which may possibly exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the planet. Black is used to make artwork have certain objects stand out, or utilized to make the mood darker. His art was to have the viewer to concentrate on the colors interactions and the feelings that comes to the viewer.

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